“Tuesday Nights Together” Summer Series

The ever popular Tuesday Nights Together Summer Program runs from June through August. This community-wide series of educational programs is held in Sun Lakes UMC’s air-conditioned Lindsay Fellowship Hall at 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday through the summer months. An interesting and varied lineup of speakers will entertain you while you enjoy the company of fellow Sun Lakes residents. Here is the lineup for August:


August 1 – New Adventures in Leaning (NAILS) – Tony Contrabasso, the Chairman of the Speakers Bureau of the New Adventures in Learning (NAILS) program at our Sun Lakes campus of the Chandler-Gilbert Community College, will be with us this evening. Tony will explain what NAILS is and how to take advantage of the many courses and presentations that NAILS provides for the Sun Lakes/Chandler community throughout the year. Keeping our brains active and learning new ideas are essential for our health as we age.

August 8 – Area Agency of Aging Update: DOVES Program update and a new initiative – Gerry Kroloff will be with us again this summer to give us an update on the DOVES program for victims of elder abuse which our Sun Lakes UMC supports through its ministry outreach to the community. Gerry is an exciting and enthusiastic speaker and her presentations are always uplifting about this work. She will also share with us the newest program from the agency that focuses on the Native American community and how to avoid diabetes and heart disease through education, diet, and exercise. The Native American community is at high risk for these diseases and the agency is working hard to break the cycle of these diseases with this new outreach.

August 15 – Welcoming the Stranger – Judi Edmonds will share some of her experiences about her work with refugees here and around the world. Refugees from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa now call the Valley of the Sun home. With deep gratitude for a chance to live in safety, they are working to build new lives for their families. Judi will share what she has learned through 15 years of leading her church’s refugee ministry. She will discuss who these refugees are, where they come from, how they are vetted and approved for settlement to the US, what happens to them when they arrive, and how as followers of Jesus we can reach out to them.

August 22 – An Evening with Rev. Marvin Arnpriester, SLUMC Senior Pastor – We are delighted to have Rev. Marvin back for his third year as the senior pastor. He is always an enjoyable and interesting speaker with a deep knowledge of the scriptures and church doctrine. For this presentation, he will focus on the topic of heaven and his perspectives about it. He will also share some perspectives of the concept of heaven that are common in other religions in the world. This evening will be an enlightening event as we all consider our own visions of what heaven is to us and to others.

August 29 – A Glimpse of Gen. William Sherman from the Civil War – Our very own SLUMC member, Roger Sherman, is a descendant of Gen. Sherman and has acquired much information about his relative through research and visits to various sites from the Civil War. Roger presented this presentation to audiences at the NAILS program in June. Join us for not only an insight into a notable historical figure, but also get a view of how to go about researching and finding information about your own ancestors.

   GriefShare Classes – Sep./Nov. 2017

Beginning Wednesday, September 6, Sun Lakes United Methodist Church will be hosting GriefShare, an 11-week support group designed to help those struggling with grief.  Sun Lakes UMC’s GriefShare Leadership Team is made up of four individuals who themselves have grieved the passing of a loved one and have learned how to moved forward with the “new normal” in their life.

Grief can turn one’s life upside down and inside out!  When that happens, it helps to talk with someone who has “walked that mile.”  If you have lost a loved one – recently or a while ago – and find yourself struggling to face each day, consider being part of the GriefShare class which Sun Lakes UMC will be hosting September 6 through November 15, 2017.  The class will meet Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. in Room 4 of the Education Building.

Each class is self-contained, so if you are not able to attend every class, you are welcome to come as often as you can.  The class registration fee of $15 covers the cost of the workbook.  For more information or to register, contact the church office (480-895-8766) or register online here.