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We encourage our congregation at Sun Lakes United Methodist Church to discern and prayerfully consider their giving to support our Church.  Here is a note from our Chair to explain the workings of our Finance Committee.

FINANCE DEFINITION: 1.The money resources, income, etc., of a nation, organization, or person. 2. The managing or science of managing money matters, credit, etc. (Webster’s New World College Dictionary.)

Yep! That is what we do. A Finance Committee is a requirement of the United Methodist Church Discipline. It is a vital component of the church (or any organization) to raise, manage and disburse the funds to support the Church’s Mission.

Our members represent the whole Church membership – they are not just accountants. Meetings are held throughout the year on an as-needed basis.

We and the Stewardship committee conduct an annual funding campaign beginning late Fall to fund next year’s budget.

The Finance Committee duties also include:

  • Generating a yearly budget.
  • Monitoring income and disbursements.
  • Disbursing funds to operate the Church.
  • Reviewing and co-signing checks for all disbursements.
  • Counting all donations and depositing them in the bank.
  • Entering all receipts and disbursements into the church accounting system
  • Finalizing/reconciling accounts and closing the previous month’s books.
  • Providing reports describing all income and disbursements.
  • Converting special gifts of stock or other tangible assets into cash for Church use.
  • Ensuring the church has sufficient funds for operations through the summer months when attendance decreases.
  • Considering requests for non-budgeted fund raisers.
  • Overseeing all financial commitments of the Church.
  • The United Methodist Church standard of giving is the Tithe (10% of income) to support the church’s mission. All members are encouraged to use this standard as a goal for their personal giving.

Finance Committee meetings are always open to anyone and questions are welcomed.

If you have questions, please call the church office and they will put you in contact with a Finance Committee member.

Harry Hise
Chair – Sun Lakes United Methodist Church Finance Committee

At Sun Lakes United Methodist Church we have a Finance Committee who are recommended and elected annually by the Charge Conference.  Additional members may be nominated during the Annual Church Charge Conference for election to the Committee.

The Finance membership consists of the Church Council chairperson, Lay Leader, Treasurer, Business Administrator, Financial Secretary, chairpersons or representatives from the Staff Parish, Trustees, Stewardship committees, plus members at large elected by the Annual Church Charge Conference.

The Finance Committee is responsible for developing and presenting an annual budget for Church council approval.  It is responsible for developing and implementing plans to raise sufficient income to meet the adopted church budget.  The committee also administers the funds received under the direction of the Church Council.

Finance Committee members have a vested interest in the Church’s financial status.  Anyone is welcomed who has experience dealing with budgets.  Finance or accounting experience is helpful, but a member should exhibit a willingness to help the Committee reach the Church’s financial goals.