Sun Lakes United Methodist Church is a Church that touches our hearts and stretches our minds.  It’s a slumcpeninkw_edited-1Church that accepts us as we are and yet challenges us to be better.  And it’s a Church that gathers us to worship and then sends us out to serve in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ.

Church members are expected to grow in their faith, to care for one another, and to be part of the ministry of the Church.  All persons are eligible to become members of Sun Lakes United Methodist Church.  We are an open congregation and welcome all who wish to profess the Christian faith and unite with us in membership.

If you are interested in joining Sun Lakes UMC or have any questions about membership, please give Rev. Marvin Arnpriester a call at 480-895-8766 and he will be pleased to answer them for you.  In the meantime, here are some answers to questions that might help you.

How do I become a member of Sun Lakes UMC?

United Methodist churches regularly welcome and receive people from a variety of backgrounds.  Since all that want to become members come with different experiences and backgrounds, there are a number of ways to become a member of The United Methodist Church.

If you have never been baptized, you will prepare for baptism.

If you were baptized as an infant or young child and have not made a profession of faith and been confirmed, then you will prepare to reaffirm your baptism when you take the membership vows.

If you are a member of another part of the church (such as Baptist, Presbyterian or Lutheran), then you can transfer your membership from that church to a local United Methodist Church.

If you are a member of another Christian church that does not transfer membership, you can make a profession of faith and be received as a member.

We offer an Inquirer’s Class several times during the year for those who are considering membership.  It is designed to help you learn more about the church, especially for those who are new to the United Methodist Church.

Talk with Rev. Marvin Arnpriester about becoming a member of Sun Lakes United Methodist Church. He will be able to answer your questions and help you discern what next steps to take.

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