New Members on September 30, 2018

June Bahret is re-affirming her faith. She grew up in Middle Village, Queens, New York. She retired from AT&T as an engineer. The highlights of her life were her marriage to Raymond, who she misses every day. June earned her private pilot’s license and fondly remembers weekend excursions she and Raymond made to get hamburgers in faraway destinations. She enjoys computer surfing, knitting and ancestry research. She has two children and four grandchildren.

Dave and Lila Barker (no photo available) are transferring their membership from Keolahou Church, Hawaii. They call Buellton, California their childhood home. Lila is retired as a teacher. She enjoys reading, swimming, camping, cooking, sewing, hiking and photography. Her highlights have been being a mom, long-term caregiving, and teaching. Dave is retired as a futures trader and teacher. He is a recovered patient from an auto-immune illness and is passionate about helping others with incurable diseases. He enjoys swimming, hiking, camping, diving, reading and writing.

Ed and Suzan Bawolek are transferring their membership from Dayspring United Methodist Church in Tempe. Ed is retired from Intel Corporation and currently is a researcher at Arizona State University. He grew up in Chicago and still considers himself a “City Boy.” He is an engineer by profession, his education has shaped and defined his life, as well as reading the bible multiple times and relying on its wisdom to guide his decisions. He spends most of his time running their New Mexico ranch. He enjoys gardening, photography, baking pretzels, and makes fantastic pastrami. Suzan is retired as a middle school educator. In her youth she was raised living in her great-grandparents’ house in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Growing up in a Coast Guard family and as a Methodist, she fondly remembers preparing ham and bean suppers, which is uniquely a New England Methodist tradition. She enjoys volunteer work with NASA Solar Systems as an Ambassador, playing tennis, as well as being a sous chef to Ed’s culinary skills. The UA tradition runs in their family and they hope their first grandchild, Diana, will become a Wildcat too.

Glenn Bragonier is transferring his membership from Disciples of Christ Phoenix. He called Waterloo, Iowa home before moving to Phoenix in 1953. He is retired from Kaiser Prudential Health Insurance as an enrollment agent. He served four years in the U.S. Army during World War II; and spent eighteen months in the China-Burma-India area. The highlight of his life was everyday he and Rosemary were together during their 69 years of marriage. He enjoys drawing head and shoulder pencil portraits, and reading a good mystery novel.

Wes Davis is joining us in re-affirming his faith. Wes grew up on Long Island, New York and graduated from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and Brooklyn Law School. He continues to practice  law after 50 years as a self-employed attorney. He enjoys golf, movies, reading, travel, singing, and has performed in numerous musicals and theatre productions. He has three children and four grandchildren.

Len and Corrine Paulson are transferring their membership from Risen Savior Lutheran Church. Len was raised in Ames, Iowa, by a single mother of five children. He served in the U.S. Air Force and was editor of the base newspaper in Japan. He graduated from Saint Olaf College in Minnesota.  His highlights were being a bank president by the age of forty, a baseball pitcher for twenty-plus years, achieving national rankings in senior competitive tennis, and serving actively in church in many positions. He is currently working with the National Credit Union Administration as a turnaround specialist. He enjoys tennis, reading western fiction and watching sports on TV. Corrine was raised in Ogden, Iowa on a family farm. She graduated from Saint Olaf College with a Bachelors of Music degree and is retired as a music teacher of piano and choir. Her highlights have been being director of music at churches, private piano teacher with recitals, and raising three daughters. She enjoys reading, playing cards, games, tennis, and has a special place in her heart for Golden Retrievers.

Scott and Mary Sievert are transferring their membership from Dayspring United Methodist Church in Tempe. Scott was raised in northwestern Ohio. He attended Bowling Green University, U of A and ASU, where he graduated with a degree in business. He received the Credit Executive Award in 1987 and was also champion in the Rifle Shooting Club. He enjoys community service and has been involved with the Mason and Rotary Clubs. He has sung in barbershop choruses and church choirs.  Mary was raised in Minnesota. She has worked as a licensed family counselor and has a passion for helping people live happy, balanced lives. She loves music and has accompanied many choirs and musicals over the years. She was the pianist for Dayspring for 25 years and now directs our Bell Choir and fills in for Cris and Caroline when needed. They have three children and two grandchildren.

New Members on July 31, 2018