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Sun Lakes United Methodist Church is an active supporter of UMOM New Day Centers.  Call Julie Hise for more information about this wonderful mission and please keep UMOM uplifted in your personal and group prayers.  Some topics to pray about includes families who live at UMOM, the families who are currently homeless or on UMOM’s waiting list, the staff, volunteers, community leaders and government officials.

UMOM New Day Centers mission is to provide homeless families and individuals with safe shelter, housing and supportive services to assist them in reaching their greatest potential.

Founded in 1964, UMOM is the largest homeless shelter for families in Arizona. We keep families together, we provide a continuum of care from emergency shelter to transitional housing and finally, permanent, affordable housing. Families at UMOM have the opportunity to gain the skills, medical care, quality child care, and education they need to rebuild their lives and succeed when they leave.umom kids

“I’m just glad we have shelter and my family can stay together. There is a roof over my children’s heads.”

UMOM New Day Centers programs include:

New Day Shelters

Next Step Housing

Watkins Basic Needs Shelter